Green Goals

  • Increased recycling program to includes everything from greens waste to ink & toner
  • Installed owl nest boxes at the Citrus Course and hope to add more at other locations
  • Looking to add more native plants & naturalized out-of-play areas
  • Reduced chemical usage through IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs
  • Implemented use of chemicals that are safer for the environment
  • Introduced a microbial program that naturally reduces and controls algae in our lakes
  • Reduced water usage through upgrades to irrigation systems
  • Selectively 'browning' out-of-play areas to help reduce water and chemical usage
  • Lowered energy consumption by installing new pump stations with VFDs (variable frequency drives)
As you take a second to enjoy the beauty of the Desert Primrose or stand in awe at a rare sighting of Bighorn Sheep, please know that a unified effort is underway towards better environmental stewardship on all of our golf courses. We are making small changes for a better tomorrow. For more information on Audubon International please visit